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In a complex world where no one knows whether their personal data is protected or not, provides a secure, reliable and user-friendly platform for organisations and individuals worldwide to share up-to-date data with each other easily and at any time. This gives you control over what data you share with whom at all times and also allows organisations to better deal with personal data. the most simple, reliable and user-friendly Solid toolbox that scales with your organisation. has the ambition to be seen worldwide as the alternative (of data monopolists) to managing data in a reliable & user-friendly way.

Together with the people of we defined a set of internal values (reliable, transparant, mature, refined and progressive) and translated them into a visual branding. The new brand logo highlights the core of their activity (secure data sharing). The design expressions were based around a very simple, yet powerful idea: using the data circles/clusters derived from the symbol of the logotype as the core asset.

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