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Teo — learning, your way.

TEO (Teaching Each Other) is a start-up where technology and service are combined to deliver innovative training and recruitment solutions. Their core business today is technical talent. Unlike any other company TEO does more than up- and reskilling, they préskill. TEO created a solution called "learning vacancy": TEO recruits non/low-skilled candidates and turns them into technical operators, electricians, technicians, ... in 6 to 8 weeks.

Thanks to the innovative, modular and integrated TEO tools, filled with generic and/or personalised content, every company can easily organise technical training or a complete training centre. Technical skills (both theoretical knowledge and practical skills) are mapped and further developed individually, objectively measurable and independent of time and place through TEO. We created a simple mark and visual system. The mark symbolizes the brands modular and no-nonsense character, pointing out - like a compass- the upward direction of your technical skills.

We worked hard to create something with a strong appeal, which would be well-suited to a brand that gives technical profiles everywhere new ways to boost their skills and their career. The new identity can stretch easily from basic and simple to energetic and dynamic. It’s a visual design system that works for every touchpoint, online and offline.

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