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Rewire - Making work work

Rewire believes in workable and sustainable work as the basis for employee wellbeing. Rewire is committed to organisations, executives and teams who want to create a sustainable work environment in a world where mental wellbeing is increasingly challenged. Their integrated and evidence-based approach guarantees results. Choosing Rewire is taking the step towards a healthy and inspired working environment. Because healthy employee well-being contributes to a sustainable business.
To help establish their presence in the market of work and organizational psychologists, Rewire asked Studio WillemsPeeters to come up with a compelling story and visual language that sets them apart from their competition.

Studio WillemsPeeters created a logo that visualizes the shift companies have to make by putting the emphasis back on 'we' (work as a team creates better results) instead of 'I'. This was visually translated by moving the dot from the 'i' towards the 'w' in the logotype.

In our search to stand out from the competition, we've embraced a fresh visual language featuring hand-drawn illustrations. While many competitors remain entrenched in dated stock imagery of business meetings, Rewire takes a unique and universally understandable approach. Our quirky characters simplify complex aspects of working in a business environment, providing a refreshing and engaging experience unlike any other.

The vibrant identity of Rewire springs to life across a diverse array of assets.

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