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Vegan snacks get more fun with the Moonpop Veggies, delicious popped veggie crisps. Delicious and nutritious popped veggie chips made with real peas, beans, corn, lentils & chickpeas. Energy and playfulness were the main ingredients for the visual direction of this new brand.

Curls are a man's best friend. The world's most tasteful curls are brought to you by the same people who invented the Moonpop Popcorn. The same fun and energy factor was the starting point for the new brand and packaging. These organic & crunchy veggie puffs are made with chickpeas and offer a great source of protein & fibre, are gluten free and rich in nutrients. And by the way, are 50% less fat than other cheese puffs.

The perfect natural energy booster to start your new week! The organic shots of Holyshot are ideal for on the go and are packed with vitamins & antioxidants. A delicious boost for your immune system without added sugars. Designed for life on the go, each shot is full of vital vitamins which have their own special properties, making them your go-to everyday immunity booster. With superfood, no added sugar.

This new brand had to be unpretentious, without any shame and with a blatant disregard for the boundaries of the category of healthy drinks. That's why we added a gentle touch of holey spirit to the visual style of Holyshot. Slip them into your pocket or purse before starting a new and energetic day in style. 

This Moonpop brand has launched -next to the three existing ones which we developed for them, 2 new flavours of healthy and organic popcorn. This popcorn offers a responsible alternative to traditional oil fried crisps or sweet popcorn. Coconut oil is used, the grains (corn) are GMO-free and all ingredients have an organic origin. With an eye to the environment, they are produced without artificial fertilisers and pesticides. This makes Moonpop popcorn vegan and gluten-free and therefore an interesting option for the conscious consumer.

Nomad Spices and Mariachi’s Sweet Chilli are the two new flavours of Moonpop. The tastes of Moonpop are beyond extraordinary. Therefore we created a concept 'The incredible Extraordinary Discoveries of Moonpop' where a extraordinary world of tastes is being discovered by the Moonpop crew. Every package is built around a short story of discovery. These stories are visualized through a variety of weird, wicked and wonderful visuals, illustrating the incredible characteristics of every taste.

Just a gorgious brand. The name of the Ginstberg goes back to the time when place names were created by a visual aspect. The Ginstberg still turns "yellow" in spring. This is a result of the "ginstbrem", a plant that is often found here. For Ginstberg we developed a new brand and packaging design for their still and sparkling waters. The frontlabel of both waters are transparant while the inner side of the backlabel shows the original drawing of the flemish Ginstberg Sources. The new logo and label are based on the original vintage labels of Ginstberg.

Branding, labeldesign and naming for a new white wine by the Belgian wine estate, Nobel. The wine is a unique blend of Pinot Gris, Auxerrois and Johanniter. The logo and label pay homage to the story of Reynaert the Fox (written around 1250), about an illustrious fox who kills, bullies, and gets away with his deeds. Despite the simple design, the attention to detail in the design makes the label come to life immaculately.

All cases were made together with Steven Van Middelem from, except for the Illustr Wine, which was created together with Nobel Winery. All images were made by the wonderful

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