Studio WillemsPeeters for Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee

Olympics 2020 – sportswear team Belgium

In 2019 we were asked by the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BOIC) to design the new national sportswear outfits for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Normally this would have been released last year, but due to COVID restrictions everywhere in the world, the Olympics got postponed, and so was the release of the new outfits. We developed a range that visualizes 'proud to be belgian' and ads extra visibility to our athletes. The line patterns we created (with the belgian national flag) created a look that is more sophisticated and distinguished than most of the existing sportswear lines. Peak (Sportswear manufacturer) developed an ultra light and comfortable range that meets the highest quality standards in comfort when used in high and humid circumstances.

Photography by Sportswear by Sportswear developed for

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