Studio WillemsPeeters for Netalux

Netalux — the future of cleaning

Netalux is the market leader in laser cleaning services and products seeking to install the limitless possibilities of laser cleaning technology to operate in the most challenging circomstances. Netalux also believes in training companies (Netalux Academy) so they can adopt and benefit from this cleaner, safer and healthier technology in the most efficient way. Shortly after Netalux' debut launch, the Netalux Needle (their first commercial product) won 2020’s Red Dot Award for Industrial Design.

Studio WillemsPeeters worked alongside the board and strategic communication agency FINN to develop the new visual identity. The new visual identity includes an entirely new design system that provides Netalux with the ability to adapt and change across different channels and touch points. The new logo and visual language (laser lines) are based on the actual laser movements of their products. The complete brand identity system is mapped across all their touchpoints.

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