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The extraordinary discoveries of Moonpop

Nothing is so easy to watch a film or your favourite series and put some popcorn in the microwave. But what if this can be done easier and healthier? That's where Moonpop comes around the corner for. This new brand has launched three flavours of healthy and organic popcorn. This popcorn offers a responsible alternative to traditional oil fried crisps or sweet popcorn. Coconut oil is used, the grains (corn) are GMO-free and all ingredients have an organic origin. With an eye to the environment, they are produced without artificial fertilisers and pesticides. This makes Moonpop popcorn vegan and gluten-free and therefore an interesting option for the conscious consumer.

Moonpop comes in three flavours: Farmers Paprika, Lovely Sweet 'n Salty and Sailor Seasalt. The Farmers Paprika popcorn is seasoned with paprika, smoked salt and cumin. Lovely Sweet 'n Salty is a butterfly popcorn with a small crunch caused by caramelised sugar with a pinch of salt. Sailor Seasalt is exactly what you expect: salty popcorn!

The typography was completely handdrawn, to add a unique character to the new brand.

The tastes of Moonpop are beyond extraordinary. Therefore we created a concept 'The incredible Extraordinary Discoveries of Moonpop' where a extraordinary world of tastes is being discovered by the Moonpop crew. Every package is built around a short story of discovery. These stories are visualized through a variety of weird, wicked and wonderful visuals, illustrating the incredible characteristics of every taste.

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