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FourPees - Automate your printflow

FourPees turns printing operations into a success by ensuring their smooth automation. The result? Your work becomes easier and your entire organisation functions optimally. FourPees offer solutions to streamline print and packaging production from start to finish. Whether you need advice, a software product, or a seamlessly integrated solution that takes you from the drawing board to a tailored design, resulting in fully automated production. FourPees was founded in Belgium in 2007. Today, more than ten years later, FourPees offers solutions that streamline entire print and packaging production processes across the world, with sales in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.

The logo itself represents a 'single line shape' that has no actual beginning nor ending. It connects in a single flow a '4' and a 'P'. A brighter green colour was chosen to set them apart from their competitors.

The graphical language is all about visualising a 'good print flow'. The needs of each of their customers are very different. That is why we have created a series of smartlines that represent the connections between the different steps (plugins, software,… ) in print flows.

Together with Spain based Brandingwithtype a specific version of their Modelica-typeface was developed for FourPees. This FourPees-version contains different types of lines that can be used within texts on Microsoft and Adobe software.

Things can go very wrong without the right printflow. Our bright imagery turns print errors into beautiful and arty objects.

A full set of applications was developed to inspire future communications.

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