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Febelgra - united in graphics

Febelgra is the professional association of the Belgian graphics industry. Febelgra is not only the voice of the graphics industry, but is also an active participant that, together with its members, shapes the future of this ever-changing graphics industry and also defends its interests with policymakers. In addition, Febelgra offers a wide range of possibilities to both to network regionally and nationally.

To further strenghten its position in a fast evolving and changing market, a rebranding was necessary. There was an urgent need to move on from the Febelgra brand of the past which didn't fit the new values and reimagine the brand for the future.

Febelgra teamed up with Studio WillemsPeeters for a new visual identity that really speaks to a technical and creative target group, but most importantly, that motivates them to follow through with their passion. Febelgra wanted to re-establish a strong link with the various graphic arts branches in our country. The 'united in graphics' strategy was translated into a new visual language that refers to the old printing raster (dots). The orange colour underlines the innovative and dynamic character of Febelgra.

The new design showcases a visual language that is consistent across all channels and touchpoints. The dots are the fundamental elements of the new visual identy. They can endlessly be enhanced or expanded into meaningful and aesthetically pleasing results.

Next to the dotted patterns, a new and vibrant colour system was developed to help structure all information.

The identity is brought to life using different techniques (like embossing, foil printing,…) that showcase and highlight the graphic expertise of its members. Every item is printed by a Febelgra member. For consistency across all platforms, a brand portal was created where every member can download all assets needed for the creation of new items.

Studio WillemsPeeters was also asked to create a new name 'First Impression' and template for their montly magazine.

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