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Brandtag — Branding a digital agency

In the digital marketplace, companies are given countless opportunities to promote themselves, but many don’t have a clue where to start. Brandtag believes digital branding today is a critical part of building a successful online business. By embedding your brands dna in all digital touchpoints, Brandtag gives your company a clear and consistent online story. We helped Brandtag defining their brand story and translated this into a new and vibrant visual identity that matches their values.

A set of icons, designed for brandtag

A “Hello, World!” program is a computer program that outputs or displays “Hello, World!” to a user. Being a very simple program in most programming languages, it is often used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language for a working program. This concept was used as a starting point to create a visual language that is simple and fluent, just like graffiti tags.

Tagging the digital world. A tag is a stylized signature or symbol of a graffiti writer. Tagging is the most simple form of graffiti writing and also the most common. In the design of tags the focus is less on aesthetics and more on speed so that the graffiti writer is not caught by the police. But tags are also simple pieces of data that describe information on a web page. They provide details about the item as well as make it easier to see related items (that have the same tag). The new visual identity of Brandtag is based on this simple idea of tagging.

An example of a digital application of the brandtag style

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