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Argenta bank — your bank

Argenta is a banking and insurance group based in Belgium that is also active on the Dutch and Luxembourg market. Argenta has its headquarters in Antwerp. In 2013, Argenta became the fifth largest Belgian bank. Argenta distinguishes itself through a clear and pragmatic approach with a focus on the needs of our customers. The starting point has always been that they can offer their customers a better financial future. We continue to do this with a personal approach, respect for our world, in comprehensible language and at the lowest possible costs.

The style of Argenta was very monolithic and static. We wanted to integrate more recognisability and dynamism in their current communication. A pragmatic style approach was used to visualize the fact that Argenta is your financial partner at any time in life.

We are a complementary bank. Just because we are like you, we understand your needs. We urge us, but are always there for you. Do you want to build, close down a holiday loan, open a student account or make online transfers,… you can always count on us. We're a bank for everyone.

Studio WillemsPeeters created a pragmatic visual system that allows anyone within the organistation to create a poster, a flyer, an online banner and even an extensive powerpoint presentation. A set of print and online guidelines and photography rules were created in order to offer visual guidance to nearly 500 offices in Belgium.

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