Studio WillemsPeeters for Albrecht Opticien

Optiek Albrecht. You look better today.

Optiek Albrecht is an optician store near Ghent with a history of 50 years. Besides being a distributor of well-known glasses brands such as Komono, Ray Ban, Very French Gangsters and Garrett Leight, Albrecht also offer customised advice using the latest technologies. Their visual image was no longer up to date and there were too many different styles in their online and offline communication. Studio WillemsPeeters mapped everything and created a more timeless brand with a dynamic design system that offers lots of possibilities.

We developed an identity system that, in each element — from the new logotype, brandmark, color palette, typographic system, and illustration and photographic styles — works to maintain a balance between the refined and the surreal. This combination of all the brand elements highlights their unique position in the landscape of other opticien shops.

The illustrations Studio WillemsPeeters created show a combination of humor with a little zest of surrealism. While other optician shops mainly use the imagery provided by their brands, Albrecht uses a distinctive visual surreal language that sets them apart from the normal and regular ones. The illustrations were also handpainted in big 4 meters size formats on the outer walls of the shop (together with

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