• Together with Ghent-based agency Bigtrees, Studio WillemsPeeters designed the new visual identity for Argenta Bank, one of belgium's oldest en biggest banks. After a set of workshops conducted with several Argenta teams, we rolled out a full new visual brand identity for Argenta. We've created a coherent and consistent visual system, based upon their company beliefs. A new set of colours, a solid typography system, extensive photography guidelines, and a strong lock-up system for their logo makes Argenta ready for a strong online and offline presence. Full case will be featured soon on this website.

  • Studio WillemsPeeters was tasked a few months ago with the development of a brand new identity for the Gazet van Antwerpen (Mediahuis). In addition, Studio WillemsPeeters also worked closely with Ghent based agency Bigtrees to provide Argenta bank with a full remake of their visual communication. We're really excited to see both jobs come to life this year. The reveal of these new cases will follow soon. Stay tuned.

  • Studio WillemsPeeters designs a new identity for TRAINM

    TRAINM is one of the world’s most innovative neuro rehabilitation center. TRAINM uses breakthrough evidence-based technologies like robotics to help children and adults with neurological deficits achieve measurable recoveries, and to do this even for patients who have been told no further recovery is possible. The N-symbol stands for TRAINM’s Neuro rehabilitation treatment that gives people better recoveries and helps them to exceed their own limitations. Full case soon online.

  • After a successful cooperation on the Belgian Olympic skating suits (PyeongChang 2018) we decided to join forces. Today Studio WillemsPeeters is a branding & design studio, led by designers Henk Willems and Jelena Peeters

    We specialize in building brand identities, by working with clients early on to help them define their brand, and partnering all the way through execution across all touch points. We believe that a successful relationship is born out of collaboration and partnership with clients. Listening to them carefully and digging deep to understand their objectives and audience. We’re in constant pursuit of differentiation. We want our clients to stand out, not just fit in.

    We have a selected network of expert individuals who we work with to meet the specific needs of a project, including writers, strategists, photographers, animators, filmmakers…. This approach allows us to stay nimble while delivering top-class creative work.

  • Henk Willems speaks at Let's talk Design in Ghent

    Let’s Talk Design is a one evening conference (held multiple times a year) on the subject of Design & Creativity.
    Let's Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. At our events we let established creatives talk about their work next to young & upcoming talent.

    • Nøcomputer
    • Milk and Cookies
    • Charlotte Dumortier
    • Henk Willems

    Let’s Talk Design is made possible with the support of Design Museum Gent and Flanders DC

  • Need for Speed.

    Koninklijke Belgische Snelschaats Federatie (KBSF for short; Royal Belgian Speedskating Federation in English and RBSF for short) is the organization in Belgium responsible for coordinating long-range speed skating and short track speed skating at the national level and bringing athletes to the Winter Olympics and other international events. In 2017, RBSF introduced a new identity designed by Ghent, Belgium-based Henk Willems and Wuustwezel, Belgium-based Jelena Peeters (who, aside from being a graphic designer, happens to be an Olympic speed skater for Belgium) and their work culminated at this year’s Winter Olympics with their design of the country’s speed skating uniform.

    "The new logo brings the organization quickly into this new century with an angled “B” monogram that, although I’m not sure I completely see the “actual shape a speedskater takes while skating”, conveys a sense of speed and sharpness. The monogram works best when the patterns inside look clearly masked as opposed to the one directly above where the graphics look like they could be separate pieces making the “B” and the one in the wireframe style looks very awkward. The wordmark is a condensed monospace that looks good — if a little static and heavy — but does a good job in minimizing the space needed to present the organization’s full name." — Armin Vit, Founder of BrandNew.

  • Belgian skaters will appear in brand new speedskating suits, at the start of the Winter Olympics in Korea. The design of the new aerodynamic hightech suits was conceived and elaborated by Jelena Peeters, who will skate the 1,500 and 5,000 meters in South Korea. Peeters graduated as a graphic designer. She designed the suits in collaboration with Henk Willems.

    The Royal Belgian Speedskating Federation (KBSF) has developed the suits in the colors red, black, yellow and white with the official clothing partner AGU. The suits were tested both on the track and in the wind tunnel. Four Belgian speed skaters will come into action during the Wintergames. Besides Peeters, Bart Swings (long track), Jens Almey and Ward Pétré (both short track).

    "We are proud that now skaters from smaller skating countries can also benefit from Dutch know-how in the field of aerodynamics," says Björn Jeurissen, managing director of AGU. "The producer has been at the absolute top for years and also makes the suits for the Dutch team."